Faith Role and Definition

The Spiritual Development of a Person #21

Faith exists just in the present. Its formula is “is” since it’s bound to You Alone, and since You are I “am”, so faith is “is” as well. And as soon as You become I “was”, so faith is over. It means other profs are needed and the soul realizes it at once; so it’s threshes about seeking the own salvation evidence relying on the past experience of faith, baptism, covenants and so on, with no understanding that my past experience in general can not guarantee my present as well as my future. Can not! Can not, no way! The hope I’ve used to cherish that my salvation can be based on any of the past deeds is absolutely in vain. My past is of value when it’s preserved in the present and my present faith is attached to my heart’s evidence that You are pleased with me now. If I don’t have this evidence, then neither action of the past nor promises of the future are powerful to save me. Since the past is just the history and all the promises refer to the future but faith exists just in the present. There is no such a thing as faith of yesterday or tomorrow, it can be just of today, i.e. “is”, otherwise there is no faith at all.



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